You were scared unnecessarily

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If you're to be honest, you have to say that you were very nervous about your outdoor wedding ceremony. But your bridegroom has pushed his own to take you in the park, which was very beautiful, but unroofed, as otherwise.
You were terrified by shame
So you have been shaking for a few weeks whether your wedding coordinator can arrange this so that you do not accidentally get wet during the ceremony, which would not only make you very sorry, but you would surely be in a damp dress in front of all the guests.
No more fear
But in the end you found out that your fears were absolutely irrelevant, as they had already been furnished in the pronouncations of this wish of your husband.
Beautiful and Digable Solution
The whole event took place under a very beautiful and solemn, huge scathe tent. He was all white with golden trim and ruffles, and to the Castle Park, and to your wedding was more than tossed. That was a really nice surprise, then.