tropical storm fernand

Tropical Storm Fernand Makes Landfall

If you blinked, you missed it. Tropical Storm Fernand formed in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday afternoon. By late Sunday night/early Monday morning, the storm had already made landfall in Mexico. The tropical storm is not particularly powerful, and is expected to mostly be a rain event.

Fernand formed in the Bay of Campeche, which is in the southern Gulf of Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula. At its strongest, the storm reached winds of 50 mph. As of the 7:00 AM update, Fernand was currently packing winds of 40 mph and moving NW at 9 mph. As the storm is now over land, no more strengthening is expected. The storm will weaken into a tropical depression later today.

The storm is not expected to affect weather along the US Gulf Coast. After being drenched in rain the past few weeks, the forecast over the next few days calls for much more sun. Temperatures will be in the low 90s in the day, and dip down into the low 70s at night.

Meteorologists are now watching another tropical wave in the Caribbean. While this particular wave may not develop, conditions are turning much more favorable over the next two weeks in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Basin as we approach the very peak of hurricane season. Another tropical wave east of the Lesser Antilles is also being watched.