Tim Cook

Tim Cook To Donate Fortune To Charity

Apple CEO and Baldwin County native Tim Cook has announced that he will be donating his fortune to charity. According to Fortune, Cook will be donating approximately $785 million, after he pays for his 10 year old nephew’s college education. He joins tech titans Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Ellison in pledging to donate massive funds for charity.

Cook took over as CEO of Apple after his predecessor, Steve Jobs, fell ill with pancreatic cancer. The company has continued to thrive under Cook, keeping pace as one of the most profitable corporations the world has ever seen.

Known as an intensely private individual, Cook has begun to show up in the spotlight more over the past few years. In October of last year, Cook confirmed long held rumors that he was gay. He has publicly supported the rights of the LGBT community, including a speech on the matter during his induction into the Alabama Academy of Honor.

Cook told Fortune that he wants to develop a more systematic approach to philanthropy. He has already begun donating to certain causes, but wants his contributions to go beyond simply writing checks.