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Squash Equipment – The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide

Squash is a kind of racket sport. It is played, either in singles, by two players or in doubles, by four players. The ball sport is played in a court called squash court. The court has a playing surface that is surrounded by four walls. The general mode of playing squash involves a player serving the squash ball by striking it against the front wall, and the other player strikes it against the wall immediately after it bounced one time. This continues in turn until one of the players fails to hit the ball against the wall after bouncing at one time. Like other racket sports, such as badminton and tennis, squash requires less expensive equipment. As a beginner, who is just getting into the game, we have got you covered with the right equipment you need to get started.

Squash Equipment for Beginner

1. Squash Racket

Squash racket is identical to badminton and tennis rackets. It is a bat consisting of a handle frame with an open round or oval hoop (throat) strung with a tightly stretched network of strings or catgut. The racket is used for striking a squash ball against the front wall. As a beginner, in order to choose the right racket, there are some features of the racket you will have to consider:
– Racket Shape: This is the shape of the hoop, which can either be open or closed. The open or teardrop-shaped racket is easier to use for a beginner as it comes with a larger sweet drop and it is more powerful.
– Racket Weight: Racket unstrung weight is usually written on it, and it is between 90g to 155g. It is not advisable for you as a beginner to use a lighter racket as it will be more difficult for you to control. Hence, we recommend a medium weight racket between 110 to 135g.
– Racket String: Racket strings come in different standards depending on the tension. A low tension-string delivers a greater power while a high-tension string delivers a better control. However, the factory standard is more suitable for a beginner.

2. Squash Ball

A squash ball is made from two pieces of rubber that are glued together to form a hollow sphere. Unlike other sports ball, a squash ball fails to bounce well until it is warmed up after hitting it hard for up to 50 to 100 times. However, the ball comes in four kinds with different colour dots indicating the dynamic bounciness of the ball:
– Two yellow dots ball that bounces very low
– A yellow dot ball that bounces low
– A red dot ball that bounces high
– A blue dot ball that bounces very high
A suitable squash ball for a beginner is the one with a blue spot because it instantly bounces without hitting it hard.

3. Safety Goggles

As a beginner, you will have to wear a safety goggle to protect your eyes from being hit by the ball or the racket. Even, squash pros wear eye guards to protect their eyes.

4. Shoe

You need to wear shoes with excellent grips and shock absorption. Though you should avoid high heel shoes that could sprain your ankles, yet you should also avoid thin sole shoes.
With this squash beginners’ guide, you will instantly begin to get the most out of squash game.


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