Riddick Tops Box Office

Vin Diesel is back atop the box office. After the starting the summer with a bang in Fast and Furious 6, the action star ended the summer with a number one finish for Riddick. The third film in the Riddick franchise brought in $18.7 million in its debut weekend, toppling last week’s champ, One Direction: This is Us.

Riddick opened weaker than the previous entry in the saga, Chronicles of Riddick, which brought in $24 million in its opening weekend. Chronicles ultimately finished with $115 million on a $105 million budget. Riddick came in far cheaper, costing only $38 million to produce.

Diesel had to seek financing himself after Universal backed out of the film following Chronicles weak performance. He even joked that he would lose his house if they didn’t finish the movie. Though the opening was weaker than analysts’ predictions, the movie is on its way towards being profitable.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler remained in second place this week, and boosted its domestic gross to $92 million. The Butler earned $8.9 million in its fourth week of release. The One Direction documentary tumbled from the top spot to number six, bringing in just $4.1 million.

1. Riddick $18,673,000
2. Lee Daniels’ The Butler $8,900,000
3. Instructions Not Included $8,100,000
4. We’re the Millers $7,925,000
5. Planes $4,274,000
6. One Direction: This is Us $4,100,000
7. Elysium $3,100,000
8. Blue Jasmine $2,688,000
9. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $2,500,000
10. The World’s End $2,302,000