Reebok Bringing Spartan Race

Reebok Bringing Spartan Race To Saraland

Local athletes will have a chance to test their limits this fall, as Reebok is bringing the Spartan Race to Saraland. The event, called the Alabama Super, will occur on October 17th, featuring over 20 obstacles and 30 elevation changes. The course is over 8 miles long.

Registration pricing starts at $95 for an afternoon slot. A morning slot costs $130, and an Elite package comes in at $125. There is a $20 fee for spectators.

According to the Spartan Race website, participants can expect to face numerous topographical features, from sandy highlands to swampy bogs. Racers should bring a headlamp and appropriate fuel. Only water will be provided by the event’s organizers. Participants are encouraged to organize teams to race with them and help each other along the way.

A kids race will also be available. Registering online for the kids race will cost $25, while paying onsite will be $30. Kids will only race against other kids on a smaller course.