Mobile Listed As One Of 15 Hottest Cities

MSN has picked Mobile as one of the 15 “hottest” cities for 2015. The Microsoft affiliated website is not referring to temperature, but rather the city’s economic prospects for the coming year. In the article, MSN declared that Mobile will become the southern trading hub of the US.

The article points out that Mobile has the 9th largest port in the nation. Expansion of coal exports at the McDuffie Coal Terminal were specifically highlighted as a source of strength for the port’s growth. The Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce even won the “E” Star Award for Export Services last May.

With the US relaxing the embargo against Cuba, Mobile’s port could see a whole new level of growth. The port city is located close to the island nation, and businesses are already salivating at the economic possibilities closer ties could bring.

On top of the port’s growing success, Mobile is about to become the home of the first Airbus manufacturing facility in the US. The European jet maker will bring thousands of new jobs once the plant opens, and has already created many new construction jobs with the building of the plant.