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Mitt Romney Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Posted by David Merrell On March - 18 - 2012

    Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday evening. Romney took home all of Puerto Rico’s 20 delegates as he won more than 50% of the vote. Romney now stands at 501 delegates won. He needs 1,144 to win the nomination.

    Both candidates had already left the Carribean island after short campaign stops. This Tuesday there is a primary in Illinois, and it figures to be hotly contested. Later in the week Louisiana will hold its primary. Romney is now almost half way to the total number of delegates he needs to win the nomination.

    Rick Santorum has no plans of exiting the race anytime soon. After sweeping a pair of southern states last week, the former Pennsylvania Senator has now won 10 states. His delegate count stands at 253, about half of Romney’s. Santorum has done well in rural states due to his evangelical background, and he figures to win a few more states. He plans on staying in the race because he feels Romney is a weak front runner.

    Newt Gingrich has yet to drop out of the race. His campaign began floating ideas about teaming up with Rick Santorum to topple Romney after he lost both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries last week. Most feel Gingrich is essentially finished now, and his presence will only split the conservative vote allowing Romney to win states he might otherwise lose.

    The campaign does not look like it will end anytime soon. No candidate is close to the number of delegates required to take the nomination. If no candidate gets the required 1,144 then we will have a brokered convention when the Republicans meet in August in Tampa. A fight to the finish would probably greatly weaken the GOP’s chances of defeating President Obama in the November election.

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