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Investigation Leads To Drug Arrest In Saraland

Posted by David Merrell On August - 23 - 2012

    After monitoring suspicious activity at a local gas station, Saraland Police have arrested three people on drug related charges. The arrests came this past Tuesday after an investigation by the Saraland Special Operations Unit and Narcotics Unit. The three arrested were 33 year old Daniel J. Byrd, 18 year old Brittany D. Davidson, and 32 year old Eugene Oneill Swartz.

    According to Fox 10 News, all three were charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, Byrd and Davidson were also charged with possession of marijuana. When the three were arrested, police seized marijuana, meth, and prescription drugs.

    The Saraland Narcotics Unit has been busy cracking down on the use of illegal drugs in the city. Meth in particular has been a problem in the North Mobile area, with several labs taken down in the past few months. Chickasabogue Park has been the sight of two lab busts this year alone.

    As the use of illegal drugs has declined in the US, abuse of prescription drugs has increased. Pain pills such as Lortab, and anxiety medication like Xanax have become particularly popular. It is a crime to possess and use these medications without a prescription. These drugs are just as potent and dangerous as illegal drugs, and their rise in usage is a big concern.

    On the other hand, the public is turning against marijuana prohibition. Colorado has a measure on the ballot this year to legalize and regulate marijuana similar to how alcohol is handled. The latest polls show the measure is favored by Colorado voters. Several states already have allowances for medical marijuana. It seems likely that in the near future the drug will be legalized nationally and treated just as alcohol is.

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