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Dylan Tyree Back In Court

Posted by David Merrell On July - 13 - 2012

    Dylan Tyree, one of the three teenagers who was with Summer Moody on Gravine Island when she was shot, was back in court on Thursday. Tyree and two others were attempting to rob cabins on the island when they were spotted by a group of men who were staying the night. The three men chased the teens off, and a follow up warning shot ended up striking Summer Moody in the head. She ultimately died from the injury.

    Tyree and his friends have also been charged with other robberies in the Loxley area. Tyree and Scott Byrd, who was also on the island that night and was Summer Moody’s boyfriend, are also charged with beating Stephen Baker according to a report from WKRG News 5. Baker was apparently their friend at one point, but had a falling out with the jailed teens. Tyree and Byrd beat Baker with a stick and kicked him with steel toe boots until he was unconscious. This incident occurred a mere week before Summer Moody was shot.

    This has been a bad year for teen crime along the Gulf Coast. Earlier this week, 17 year old Trayon Washington shot and killed Wendy Fisher. Fox 10 News spoke with Juvenile Court Judge Edmond Naman, who said teen crime has been on the rise this summer. Judge Naman blames a lack of involvement from parents for the growing teen crime problem. He went on to say that the courts are trying to hold parents more accountable, but the community needs to come together to help fight this problem.

    It seems parenting is a lost art these days. In an era where the divorce rate is over 50%, there is often only one parent around to mentor a child. This makes the problem that much more difficult. Even homes with two parents struggle, as both parents usually have to keep a job to keep the bills paid in this day and age. There is an old saying, that it takes a village to raise a child. That statement may be truer today than it ever was. Judge Naman is right. We need more community involvement to keep teens out of trouble.

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