Copyright Protection – How it can help you

Copyright protection provides a legal right to the creator of original work to be an exclusive party that can use that work for personal benefit, or in whatever way he, or she deems fit. For instance, if any playwright, composer, author, distributor, or filmmaker registers their work with the copyright office, they are the only eligible person to use their work for distribution or for profit.

Copyright law has been instituted for the protection of the creators of works that are usually referred to as intellectual property. These laws won’t provide protection to the creator of work if they have been hired by any person specifically for the creation of that work. If you feel that your work needs protection under copyright law, then the perfect place to get more information on this is US Copyright Office because it is the main legal entity that owns rights to any specific work. In fact, in the last few years, many new laws concerning data security protection have been made, and if you need more information on them or want to use them in your case, you can get more information from the patent attorney.

The Copyright Protection Act provides the exclusive rights to the owners for the following:

  • Replicate any work
  • Generate more work based on a work
  • Offer copies of work for sale, by transfer of ownership or lease
  • Show public copyright material
  • Perform the protected work in public

The person who owns the copyright can give permission to others to do the work. Or, he or she can transfer the copyright to any other person for use.

What all can be copyrighted?

  • Architectural work
  • Literary work
  • Dramatic work – Includes its music
  • Motion picture
  • Musical work
  • Choreographic and Pantomimes works
  • Sound recording
  • Pictorial, graphical, and sculptural work

All those who create and own these types of works should speak to an attorney before seeking protection under copyright law. An attorney specializing in copyright law will advise you on the best copyright or data security protection that you can get under the law. You can get more information on copyright laws on the Internet, so do your research on this topic.