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Alabama House Speaker Indicted On Corruption Charges

Posted by David Merrell On October - 21 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    The Speaker of the House in the Alabama legislature, Mike Hubbard (R), was indicted on corruption charges yesterday by a grand jury in Lee County. The speaker faces 23 felony corruption charges. If convicted, he could face between 2 and 20 years in prison, and up to $30,000 in fines for each charge.

    The indictment indicates that Hubbard used his powerful position in the state legislature to solicit favors from rich and powerful citizens of Alabama. Hubbard is charged with using his office for personal gain, as well as using his position as Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party for personal gain.

    Hubbard has denied the allegations, calling them political in nature. Those loyal to Hubbard believe the charges are aimed at hurting his chances to run for governor in four years. Hubbard has stated he will not resign from his post as Speaker, and is currently focusing on his reelection campaign.

    Hubbard was one of the leaders of the 2010 takeover of the Alabama legislature by the Republican Party. Republicans swept into power in offices across the state, with Hubbard becoming the first Republican Speaker since Reconstruction. Republicans now dominate politics in Alabama.

    Interestingly, Hubbard does not point the finger at Democrats for this issue, but rather at a fellow Republican: state Attorney General Luther Strange. In commenting on the situation, Hubbard notes that the investigation has been going on for two years, and the indictment happened to come down two weeks before an election.

    It should be noted that the Attorney General recused himself from the case last year.

    The investigation has already resulted in charges against two other legislators. Both Representative Greg Wren (R) of Montgomery and Representative Barry Moore (R) of Enterprise have been charged. Wren plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of using his office for personal gain.

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Man Jumps From I-65 Bridge Fleeing Police

Posted by David Merrell On October - 18 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    What would have been a routine traffic stop turned into much more yesterday afternoon on I-65. Saraland Police attempted to pull over a driver for making an unsafe lane change, but the driver refused to cooperate. He finally pulled over near the Dolly Parton bridge and jumped over the side into the water.

    Police ultimately found the suspect, identified as 27 year old Paul Noland Shows. Multiple law enforcement agencies showed up to help in the search, including the Alabama State Marine Police, Alabama State Troopers, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, Saraland Police, and the Public Safety Dive Operations Team. Shows was found right around the area where he jumped off the bridge.

    According to Saraland Police, the incident occurred around mile marker 14 on I-65. Shows was driving a 2004 Jeep Cherokee, but refused to pull over. The chase ended around mile marker 26. After Shows left his vehicle, an officer had to pull in front of the vehicle to stop it from rolling.

    Shows will be charged with Attempting to Elude a Police Officer and Reckless Endangerment.

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Wilmer Man Shot In Car

Posted by David Merrell On October - 17 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

    A shooting in Wilmer left one man dead on Thursday night. The incident occurred around 7:30 PM on Glenwood Farms Road. According to WKRG News 5, a neighbor was taken into custody for the shooting. The two allegedly had an ongoing dispute that led to the shooting.

    As if the shooting wasn’t troubling enough, the victim had two infant children in the car with him at the time of the incident. The victim was driving down the road when he was shot, but fortunately the children were not hurt.

    Police have not released the names of either the victim or the suspect as of yet. This is an ongoing story, and will be updated as more info comes in.

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Over Night Storms Kill 1 In Alabama

Posted by David Merrell On October - 14 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    A strong line of storms swept through the area last night, dropping heavy rain and some damage across the state. At least one person was killed in northern Alabama after a tree fell on their mobile home. The tragedy occurred in Walker County, about 25 miles northwest of Birmingham.

    According to authorities, 75-year-old Shirley Hicks was killed in Burnwell. Her husband was also injured in the accident. Relatives took her to the hospital, but she was not able to overcome her injuries.

    The incident occurred around 4:00 PM.

    Watches and warnings were posted all through the night as storms pushed through the region. Our local area saw a Wind Advisory, Tornado Watch, and even a Tornado Warning at one point. Fortunately, there was not too much damage this far south.

    According to Alabama Power, about 38,000 people lost power across the state.

    Now that the storms have passed, you can expect cooler weather over the next few days. Highs will be in the 70s, with lows in the lower 50s. By Friday, highs will rebound into the lower 80s.

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Speed Limit Increased On Part Of Bayway

Posted by David Merrell On October - 8 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    The Mobile city council has voted to increase the speed limit on a portion of the bayway. The speed limit on I-10 coming out of the George Wallace tunnel has been increased from 55 to 65 mph. A request for the speed increase was put in by ALDOT.

    Traffic on the bayway has long been a concern. Officials are currently looking into a new bridge to help alleviate the problem, but even if that happens it will be years away.

    While the speed limit increase will be welcomed by many drivers, it may not have a huge effect on traffic congestion, as many already drive 65 mph or faster coming out of the tunnel. A more comprehensive solution will be needed to alleviate traffic.

    Local officials recently traveled to Washington to pitch the new bridge to the federal government. Federal funds would be needed to complete the project. However, officials came away believing that even with federal funds, the project will be to expensive, and the state couldn’t afford its share of the bill. The idea of building a toll bridge is now being tossed around.

    The new speed limit is set to begin next month.

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FBI Searches Home Of Hiawayi Robinson’s Father

Posted by David Merrell On October - 2 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    The FBI executed a search warrant at the home of Hiawatha Robinson today. Robinson is the father of slain child Hiawayi Robinson, whose body was found on Rebel Road two weeks ago. No arrests were made, with Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich declaring the searches as just a part of the investigation.

    Robinson was upset with federal agents for breaking his door down to perform the search. He was not home at the time. Robinson said he has been cooperating with law enforcement.

    Though Robinson has not been named a suspect, his extensive criminal background make the search understandable. He has been arrested nearly a dozen times since 1997, with crimes including assault, domestic violence, and burglary. Some of his arrests were dismissed, but he has plead guilty to some of the accusations.

    The investigation into Hiawayi Robinson’s murder is ongoing. There are currently no suspects, and details from law enforcement have been few and far between.

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Two Students Killed In Citronelle Accident

Posted by David Merrell On September - 29 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS


    A car accident claimed the lives of two young men near Citronelle on Saturday night. The accident occurred around 11:20 PM on Coy Smith Highway about 2 miles west of Mount Vernon as a group of friends were leaving a party. Sedric James and Wylan Lang lost their lives when they lost control of their vehicle. Aside from the two young men killed, two more passengers survived the accident.

    The driver, who Al.com reports is a teen from Chunchula, was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

    The driver lost control of the vehicle as it was coming around a curve. The 2007 Toyata Scion flipped, tossing two of the passengers and landing in a ditch. Police believe speed and alcohol may have contributed to the accident. The passengers were also not wearing their seat belts.

    According to State Troopers, most fatalities from car accidents are caused by people not wearing their seat belts. In many of these accidents, the victim is tossed from the car.

    Devastated family members told WKRG News 5 that the curve where the accident happened had claimed lives before. They even refer to the roadway as “bloody 96.”

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Hiawayi Robinson Cause Of Death Revealed

Posted by David Merrell On September - 22 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

    Preliminary autopsy reports have revealed how 8 year old Hiawayi Robinson was killed. Though the FBI has not officially released the autopsy report, multiple news outlets have confirmed that Robinson was killed via suffocation. WKRG News 5 is also reporting that there were no signs of sexual assault.

    Hiawayi went missing last Tuesday. She left her apartment at 3:30 PM to visit relatives who lived in the same apartment complex, but never showed up. She was last seen on surveillance video at a nearby convenience store.

    Hiawayi’s death has been ruled a homicide. Both the FBI and local police are still searching for her killer.

    The case has led to calls for changes to missing children alerts. An Amber Alert was not initially sent out for Hiawayi because the case did not meet certain criteria. State Senator Vivian Figures has proposed a law to help find missing children faster, calling it the Hiawayi Alert. Demands for action have also been floating around social media.


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New I-10 Bridge To Have Toll?

Posted by David Merrell On September - 19 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

    The I-10 bridge connecting Mobile and Baldwin County has long been a problem for travelers. Local officials recently traveled to the nation’s capital to make the case for a new bridge to alleviate congestion. However, officials came away from the meeting believing that even with federal help, the bridge may be too expensive. As such, some believe making it a toll bridge is the only way to fund the project.

    The new bridge is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Even with assistance from the federal government, the state would not be able to cover its end of the cost. A toll would help cover the cost of building and maintaining the bridge.

    Opinions on creating a toll bridge were generally negative on social media. Many thought a toll would only slow traffic down more and defeat the purpose of the new bridge. Others believe that we pay enough in taxes that we shouldn’t have to pay tolls on roads as well.

    Some did defend the idea, claiming toll roads in northern parts of the country are of a higher quality than the roads we drive on. Others defended the idea of those using the bridge paying for it directly via the toll.

    One thing most agree on is the fact that a new bridge is needed.

    The I-10 bridge issue is just a symptom of a larger problem facing the US. Our infrastructure has been neglected for decades. The country is in dire need of an infrastructure upgrade. The I-10 bridge is not even one of the bigger problems. Many of America’s bridges are structurally deficient, making them ticking time bombs.

    With Washington more divided than it has been in decades, the infrastructure problem has largely been ignored. Some Democrats have pushed for more infrastructure spending, mainly as a way to create jobs. Republicans have shot down many of those plans due to concerns over the country’s growing debt. While Washington argues, motorists suffer.

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Missing 8-Year-Old Hiawayi Robinson Found Dead

Posted by David Merrell On September - 18 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

    The case of missing 8 year old Hiawayi Robinson has ended in tragedy. A Prichard public works employee found the body of a child this afternoon believed to be Hiawayi. Local 15 News later confirmed with authorities that it was indeed Hiawayi. The body was found a mile from where the child went missing.

    According to WKRG News 5, public works employee Johnny Williams found Hiawayi’s body. She was found in a ditch off Rebel Road. Police say the body was covered up when Williams found her.

    Hiawayi had been missing since Tuesday. She was last seen at 4:30 PM at the St. Stephens Woods Apartment complex. She was going to visit her cousins, but never showed up and did not return home before dark.

    Police and volunteers had been searching for Hiawayi for two days.

    This is a developing story, and will be updated as new info comes in.


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