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mobile votes on mayor today

Mobile Votes On Mayor Today

Its election day in Mobile. The city will choose between incumbent Sam Jones and challenger Sandy Stimpson for mayor. Districts 2,3, and 4 will also vote on their city council representatives. Voters couldnt ask for a more beautiful day to vote, as the skies will be clear and the humidity will be relatively low. Voting will last until 7:00 PM.

The race between Jones and Stimpson has been contentious at times. The race is expected to be relatively close, with Jones seen as a slight favorite due to being the incumbent. Mayor Jones has also picked up key endorsements such as former Mayor Mike Dow and several unions. Stimpson has the backing of business related groups in Mobile.

Before getting into politics, Sam Jones spent 9 years in the US Navy. He served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal under the command of John McCain. Jones later was elected to four terms as Mobile County Commissioner. He was first elected Mayor in 2005, succeeding Mike Dow.

Sandy Stimpson was born and raised in Mobile, and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. He worked for 37 years at Gulf Coast Lumber Company and its successor, Scotch Gulf Lumber LLC. He has served as chairman of several organizations, such as the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, the Alabama Alliance of Business and Industry, the Business Council of Alabama, and the Alabama Policy Institute.

The race for Mayor is very important to Mobiles future. The city could be on the verge of unprecedented growth. Airbus will soon be building jets in the port city, and Austal already builds warships down at the docks. The port itself is being expanded as well. Mobile could soon be a manufacturing powerhouse. Whoever leads the city over the next few years will be spearheading that growth.

clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood Revealed As Surprise Guest At Republican Convention

Republicans have been touting a surprise guest to be revealed at tonights convention, and we now know who it will be. Famed actor and director Clint Eastwood will be stopping by the Tampa Bay Times Forum to share a few words. Considered by many to be one of the greatest actors of all time, Eastwood is a registered Republican, but his political views spread all over the spectrum.

Eastwood once described himself as a mix between Noam Chomsky and Milton Friedman. In general, the actor is fiscally conservative but socially liberal, having supported same sex marriage and carrying a pro-choice philosophy on abortion. He has supported candidates from across the political landscape on both the left and the right. In 2008 he endorsed John McCain, and he is behind Mitt Romney this year.

The appearance is a stark turnaround from earlier in the year, when Eastwood invoked the anger of conservatives with an appearance in a commercial touting the US auto industrys comeback. Conservative media outlets criticized the commercial as almost being a campaign spot for President Obama. Eastwoods decision to appear at the Republican National Convention proves that was not the case. The actor was merely supporting an American industry, regardless of which party it was seen as benefiting. That is true patriotism.